5 Brow Tips to Look Younger | Advanced: Perfect Brow Makeup Tutorial

Are your eyebrows aging you? Want tips on how to look younger, naturally?

In this post, I’ll be talking about eyebrow makeup hacks that everyone should know, in fact, I’ll be zooming in on five brow tips to look younger in this perfect brows makeup tutorial and read on if you wanna know how to achieve an instant eye-lift!

As I’m steadily inching towards the big 50, I am obsessed with how to look younger with makeup and eyebrows are definitely my thing. Not only do they frame our face, they also help us communicate better. In fact, I learnt very early on in my personal grooming class that eyebrow makeup is the only makeup you need to wear if you don’t have time for anything else. Yup! It’s that important!

Good on you if you have naturally beautiful brows, but for the rest of us who have sparse, over-plucked or hairless brows and have been waiting for forever for them to grow or regrow, you can check out this video I made on how to grow fuller eyebrows naturally. I can tell you it was hard work.

So if you prefer to use makeup to create the perfect brow, here’s:-

Tip #1

Straighten your brows as best you can. I know, it used to be that having that high arch was in vogue. But as we age, our facial features change. Like my hooded eyes are heavier and more hooded than ever and my brow bones are all I see – jutting out! And, I also feel more hollow at the temples and having our eyebrows go up so high only to have it come crashing down again just makes all of that appear more obvious and it just looks harsh and is terribly aging. So, definitely consider softening or lowering the arch.

Tip #2

It used to be the thinner the brows, the better. But you know what? Actually, the opposite is true especially when we get older. Thick eyebrows are like a mark of youth. Just as you had a fuller set of hair when you were younger, having thicker brows will give you a more youthful look, so if you have been thinning them down, stop!

Tip #3

Keep them short! You know how our eyes have the tendency to droop as we get older? Our temples too start to hollow and get sunken in as we age. So when brows are drawn too long, they not only drag down our eye shape, making us look sad but they also highlight the hollow and make us look old. Therefore, if you’re ever in doubt, shorten it ever so slightly. And on that note, remember also that both ends of the brows must have a perfectly clean and super sharp finish. I’ll elaborate on that in another post, so be sure to subscribe to know exactly when that new post is up.

Tip #4

Now if you’re wondering where to start your brows consider this – where you start your brows is directly related to how narrow or broad your nose will appear. When you consciously move your brows closer together you immediately create the impression of a straighter, slimmer, and sharper nose! Another great tip that I discovered is this, contouring my nose helps me know exactly where to start filling in my brows. I’ll break it down for you in another post so watch this space. Meanwhile, as promised, here’s how to achieve an instant eye-lift with…

Tip #5

I’ll be the first to admit, I struggled with this one for years. I was always unsure of how to start my brows, like do I draw them straight up or do I just follow my brow hairs? Well, the answer is, brows should always start at 90 degrees. They should always go straight up to give you an instant eye-lift and to help me achieve that, I would usually use a brow mascara that closely matches the colour of my hair to comb my brows upwards and outwards. Then, I would fill in the gaps with a waterproof brow gel that also matches the shade of my natural brow hairs.

And those are the five brow tips to look younger in this perfect brows makeup tutorial. If you learnt useful tips today, remember to share them with your friends.

In my upcoming posts, I’ll talk about how to make your brows come alive, look more three-dimensional as opposed to them looking flat and lifeless. I’ll also be talking about how to create more contrast with a very natural-looking colour gradation in your brows and explain the principle behind why our brows should be darker towards the ends and how that one little trick can make a dramatic difference to help you look amazing both in photographs and videos as well. All these coming up and more so be sure to subscribe, to be notified, when they’re up!

Till my next post, have a beautiful day!

Love, Lynette Tan

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