Famous classical music composers
Austria is home to some of the most famous classical music composers the world has ever seen including Joseph Haydn, Franz Liszt, Franz Schubert, Anton Bruckner, Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


Austria, a part of Nazi Germany

In 1938, Austria was incorporated into Nazi Germany and ceased to exist as an independent country until 1955 when it officially became independent again.


Excuse me, do you speak German?

German is the official language of Austria and is spoken by over 88% of the population. Other local languages include Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Turkish and Polish.


Winter Olympics Host

Alpine skiing is a very popular sport in Austria, as are snowboarding and ski-jumping. The city of Innsbruck hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976.


Apple Strudel inventors

Wiener Schnitzel is a typical Austrian main dish and the dessert “Strudel” or “Apfelstrudel” (filled with apple) was created in Austria.

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