Best Places to Hike in Singapore: Coney Island Park

I first heard about Coney Island Park back when there were just whispers of plans to build the Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) Coney Island Campus a few years ago.

And because it was so near where I lived, my husband and I decided to do a reconnaissance or "recce" hike one Saturday morning.


We parked just off the street, as close as we could to the park, and we walked for a bit then entered Coney Island Park through the East Entrance.

It was a balmy, breezy morning and we covered the whole island in half a day. We spent some time looking for the cow, yes this was way back when it was still alive! We also took time to admire the very vibrant flora and fauna. Hoping that we could spot some otters, squirrels and long tail monkeys. We even stopped by the beach area to just take it all in.


Going back there again just last week brought back really fond memories.

Better still though, is the fact that there are now proper road signs at every turn and generally clearer paths to walk or cycle on.


There are however, several things to note especially if you're thinking of heading there for a hike yourself or with your family this weekend.

It's a good idea to wear long pants or tights to keep the mozzies away. Comfy covered shoes as well because it takes about three hours to get from end to end, on foot.

Speaking of mozzies and midges, spray on heaps of insect repellant especially those that contain DEET - a light, yellowish oil that actively guards against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other biting insects.

Toilets are located at both ends so it's best to start with the end in mind, if you know what I mean, and then of course bring your own water bottle so you can hydrate yourself throughout the duration of the hike.

One final and important thing to note, there are no street lamps so time your walk in such a way that you'll get out of there before it gets dark. I'd recommend starting your walk at about 0700 or at 1600hrs to avoid the sweltering sun of the tropics. It can get quite hot and humid here in Singapore. 

Other than that, I hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit to Coney Island Park!

I'll be back with more videos and posts when I cover other interesting places to hike in Singapore. Till then, follow me on social @lovelynettetan for more!


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