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BoyzIIMen20One of the most successful vocal groups of the 90s – BoyzIIMen is back with a new studio album called Twenty. It’s a double CD with familiar favourites on CD2.

While the album may be new, something in its throwback feel makes it sound out of time.

Maybe it’s the product of old school producers such as Teddy Reily and Jam & Lewis. It could also be because the team is missing Michael McCary who used to punctuate their vocals with such compelling bass lines.

Or perhaps, it’s simply because our music senses have evolved and we’ve become accustomed to more sophisticated rhythms and dazzling vocals, which you can easily find in acts like Ahmir.

No qualms about the 10 well loved tracks from CD2 , but maybe a little more work  needed to be done on CD1- all original material no doubt lovingly written but turns out to be rather monotonous when you listen to the tracks  back to back, nothing really stands out except for maybe More Than You’ll Ever Know and  One More Dance

Good effort after 20 years though from the boys who are now all grown up!!

No doubt about the vocal harmony. Maybe it’s just me but but I was expecting a whole lot more!

No worries if your’e a fan though, there is still CD 2  with 10 of their big hits to keep you going On Bended Knee, I’ll Make Love to You and Motownphilly just to remind you why you love BoysIIMen.

To be fair, it’s never easy to beat your own record.

For that, I’m giving Twenty 2 outta 5.

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