Celine Dion – Loved Me Back to Life


My Heart Will Go On singer Celine Dion may have had some help conceiving her three sons. But she needed no help at all getting pregnant with ideas and birthing her brand new album – Loved Me Back to Life.

After a six-year haitus, the 45-year-old Canadian crooner is ready to woo the world with her edgiest English language album yet.

The   opening   track   of   the   same   title   is   gripping.   It   starts   out somewhat moody with repeated notes in syncopated rhythm in a minor key, which later culminates into a dramatic chorus.

What was immediately apparent though was she was singing from her lower register and there was a kind of hardness to her voice that wasn’t there before but it’s nothing less than a knock out vocal performance.

Somebody   Loves   Somebody  is   both   upbeat   and   catchy   while Incredible, is an incredibly sassy duet with Ne-yo under towed by her all familiar powerful vocals.

Yet another dynamic partnership worth mentioning is Overjoyed –her duet with Motown legend himself Stevie Wonder. Her deep voice is suitably contrasted with his lilting vocals.

On   the   whole,   Loved   Me   Back   to   Life   is   a   radio-friendly, easy-listening album and I’m giving it 4 out of 5.

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