Endives for eyes


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Now if you’ve scheduled for an expensive eye surgery, you might wanna reschedule and try this first.

There’s this woman in the US who had a cataract problem and some other eye complications, but they all went away after she consistently drank a certain vegetable juice concoction.

If you have a cataract problem or some other eye complications, instead of opting for costly eye operations try drinking endives juice daily for 3 months

A woman in the US did just that and after a while, her cataract problem disappeared, along with her reading glasses as well cuz she didn’t need them anymore!

Endives btw look very much like lettuce but more wavy, you can find it in any supermarket
And when you combine endives with carrots and parsley
Ha! I tell you, there’s the answer to your eye problems.

No harm trying for a season right, see if you feel better?

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