Eric Clapton – Give Me Strength: The 74/75 Recordings


Often referred to as the fifth Beatle, Eric Clapton is his own man. And he’s back with a 5-CD album collection – Give Me Strength: The 74/75 Recordings  –   a   medley   of   lesser   known,   previously unreleased recordings and outtakes.

461   Ocean   Boulevard,   Eric’s   1974   album,   forms   the   crux   of   this multi-disc box set.

While Disc 2 can be considered as an expansion of 1975’s There’s One in Every Crowd, Discs 3 and 4 can be thought of as an extension of the 1975 live album E.C. Was Here.

And although this massive box-set includes a compilation of jamming sessions with “Texas Cannonball” or Freddie King – an influential blues guitarist and singer. The bluesy feel of Eric’s music is not confined only to Disc 5.

On top of that, what’s also immediately apparent is Eric’s deep and lasting infatuation with the Carribean vibe as evident in his hoard of reggae tracks. And whether you agree or not, he does has a knack for interpreting reggae.

If you’re a self-proclaimed Claptonite then this multi-disc box set is a die-hard fan’s dream come true. But if not, then you’ll prefer downloading only his more popular tracks like I Shot the Sheriff, Smile and Layla.

I’m giving Eric Clapton’s Give Me Strength a 3 out of 5

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