Fixing a Broken Palette

I love my eye-makeup!!

There’s this new makeup repair kit in town called Moon Mousse. Yup! I know it sounds incredible but I’ve watched several videos that really show how our broken eye shadows, highlighters, blushers, bronzers and pressed powders can be put back together again, pretty much like Humpty Dumpty! Ha!

But back in the days before this magical mousse was created, there was always the good ol’ Isopropyl Alcohol 70%!

I remember once when one of my favourite eye shadows broke into a million pieces when I brought it along with me for one of my travels!

As exotic as the destination was, I was so uninterested as my mind raced to find a way to put my eye makeup back together again. So I carefully saved up all the broken pieces in a zip lock bag and flew home with the heaviest of hearts.

Then I scoured the internet for a way to fix my makeup and apparently the best way to do it was to pour just enough isopropyl alcohol 70% to the broken pieces and mix it up with a spatula until it formed a moldable thick paste – think thick, moist cookie dough.

Then, using that same spatula, you kinda pat and press and slide the paste back into the container from which it came. And you keep at it until all the paste is nicely packed into that makeup jar!

After that, you leave it to dry for at least four to five hours. But for best results, I left it to dry overnight! And viola! You’ll get good-as-new makeup!

So don’t fret! If you just broke your makeup, there are ways to fix it and this new makeup repair kit that I just mentioned even comes with all the necessary tools to help you put everything back together again.

Here’s the Moon Mousse video, do check it out. You’ll probably have to ship it through a third party or something. But if you’re skeptical about it’s effectiveness, you could always try isopropyl alcohol 70% first, easily available at any pharmacy or personal care store!

I found the video very relatable and entertaining! Enjoy!

Lynette Tan

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