Happy St Patrick’s Day!

1. Dublin boasts one pub for every 100 head of population

In fact you know what?

The Irish consume in average 131.1 liters of beer per year

the 2nd highest per-capita consumption after the Czech Republic

Famous Irish breweries include Guinness, Smithwicks or Kilkenny, and Harp Lager


2. Now what comes to mind when I say Ireland

the Celtic cross? The green Shamrock, the harp?

Apart from these three most famous symbols of Ireland

The 3rd largest island of Europe has won the Eurovision Song Contest a record seven times
more than any other country!

And every year since 1981, on the sloping grounds of the famous Slane Castle

Artists like David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Guns N’ Roses, R.E.M., The Verve, Robbie Williams, Bryan Adams, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna and Oasis have come to perform with the Foo Fighters headlining this year’s edition


3. Gaelic football is the most popular sport in Ireland in terms of match attendance, followed by hurling, soccer and rugby

And as you can imagine, thee All-Ireland Football Final is the most watched event of the nation’s sporting year

But at the Olympics, surprisingly boxing, is Ireland’s most successful sport.


4. According to Irish birthday traditions,

people hold the birthday child upside down

and gently bump the head slightly on the floor.

The number of bumps correspond to the age of the child.

And they do this because they believe that this tradition brings good luck

So if ever you visit an Irish home and you see the dad dangling his child and bumping his head on the floor

Don’t freak out ok?


5. Remember last month when we were celebrating New Zealand’s Waitangi Day

I mentioned that there are no wild snakes in the whole of New Zealand?

The only other snake-free island, is?

You guessed it… Ireland!

So if you’re planning a trip there anytime soon

Tramping through Ireland is definitely an option you could consider


6. Talking about awesome Irish music, Irish rockers U2 have won a whopping 22 Grammy Awards before

And they remain Ireland’s most famous musical export

But since Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest a record seven times more than any other country

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the other Irish songs that I’ve already lined up for your listening pleasure


7. Now Ireland ranks 9th in a list of 178 countries in terms of economic, political and social stability

And when it comes to the best countries for your children to grow up in

Ireland comes in at Number 10

But when it comes to dream holidays

The Canary Islands top the list as the most popular sunshine holiday destination

So if you’re wondering where to head to for your next vacation

How about heading to the Canary Islands?


8. We’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day all this week

and here’s another interesting fact about Ireland

Apparently, there are more Irish people living outside of Ireland than in

And fact is, over 70 million people world-wide claim to have Irish heritage

Including guess who?

President Obama who says his great great great grandfather emigrated from Ireland to the US

Now if you’re Irish and you’re living and working in Singapore

I hope you have a meaningful meet up with friends and family over the week

Happy St Patrick’s Day!


9. St Patrick’s Day is just round the bend, and speaking of St Patrick

apparently he did exist and his real name is Maewyn Succat

The son of a rich Romano British family

who was allegedly kidnapped and sold as a slave to Ireland when he was 16

And there, he worked as a shepherd for 6 years

until he found God, who told him to flee to the coast where there’ll be a boat to take him home

He returned to Ireland eventually and introduced Christianity to the Irish

and that’s how he came to be Ireland’s foremost saint

Coming up I have another true story to tell you about how the word Boycott came about

So stay with me


10. All this week we’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day – Ireland’s National Day

And before I play you some more great Irish tunes

let’s have a quick English lesson or should I say Irish lesson

You know the word Boycott?

Word is, it originated from Ireland after land owner Charles Boycott

stubbornly refused to drop his rents

as you can imagine a boycott took place right after that!


Pub-trailer (Ireland)

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