Here’re three things you can do to drop pounds… at night!

According to a study that was published in the Journal of Pineal Research, it’s good for you to make sure that your bedroom is super dark.

If you haven’t changed your curtains for a while now, you might wanna consider those that block out the sun completely, it’s worth the money, and here’s why!

Now when you’re in complete darkness, your body produces more calorie-burning brown fat.

In other words,  if you wanna drop pounds effortlessly, just make sure your bedroom is light-free to boost weight loss!

Apart from that, research from the National Institute of Health Clinical Centre also found that people who slept in an 18 degrees room burned 7 per cent more calories than people who snoozed at 23 degrees! How brilliant! Your body’s metabolism actually increases to help you stay warm.

And speaking of heightened metabolism, should we exercise at night or not?

Apparently it’s ok to exercise at night.

In fact, the National Sleep Foundation found that active people are more likely to get a good night’s sleep—no matter what time of day they exercise.

So stop using it as an excuse to slouch on your couch, haha!

Get active, adjust your thermostat, and get some new curtains this weekend!

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