So why do we use brown butter? Because, it enhances the taste and feel of baked goods and other foods? It’s also somewhat toastier, nuttier, and smells amazing?

Brown butter is made from regular butter. It tastes like butter, but better!

You can make a whole slab of butter all at once, ahead of time so there’s no leftover or wastage - you won’t leave it in the fridge and forget about it.

And here’s another great tip, you can make a big batch and freeze it in ice cube trays, so you always have some on hand.

Today, I’m using two hundred and fifty grams of butter and melting it down using a medium saucepan at medium low heat. I've also set the timer on for about 18 to 20 minutes. Then, what usually happens during that amount of time is that it sputters a little at first, because the water is evaporating. This is especially more so with salted butter. After that, it begins to bubble. Right after it bubbles, it foams! And that’s when you know it’s done. You can push the foam away with a ladle and see the bottom of the saucepan to know that the butter is browned, perfectly.

Remove from stove and pour it in another vessel so it stops cooking and then you let it cool to room temperature before using it for cooking or baking or just pouring it into ice cube trays to freeze for future use.

Here are some suggestions on how you can use brown butter. You could use it as:-

  1. salad dressing
  2. a drizzle on your poached fish or baked fish
  3. a sauce to sear scallops or sauté carrots and onions

I could show you how in a future post. If you'd like to see that, let me know in the comments below.

Or, you can use brown butter in your pie crusts, pancakes, and waffles!

You can definitely use brown butter in your cookies of course and if you missed last week's post, here it is again.

As you can see, you can use brown butter in so many different ways. It’s really up to you. You could use either salted or unsalted butter, although I tend to use unsalted butter for baked goods and salted butter for savoury dishes.

And that’s how to brown butter for cookies or simply what you do when you come across a brown butter sauce recipe that you might wanna try out.

I hope that was useful to you. Till my next update, always stay beautiful and healthy naturally!

Love Lynette Tan

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