How to Make Lips Look Younger & Make Thin Lips Look Fuller with Makeup

This week, I show you how to make the lips look younger. I also show you how to make thin lips look fuller, with makeup! Lots of cool makeup tips and tricks coming up so stick with me!

So, how to make the lips look younger?

There are several practical things you can do like drink up, or eat more water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.

Dry lips are sometimes an indication that your body is dehydrated. So, instead of spending money on expensive creams and moisturisers, the easiest thing you can do is to reach for a glass of pure drinking water.

Speaking of expensive creams, here’s something that’s relatively inexpensive but highly effective!

Before the start of every makeup session, begin by applying the tiniest bit of nipple cream to your lips while you do the rest of your makeup. I know what you're thinking but hey if it’s safe for babies lips, it’s safe for you! I use this deeply moisturising balm for my cracked heels, elbows as well. Works wonders on rough skin.

Anyway, the point is to allow enough time for the nipple cream or any other deeply hydrating lip balm to soften your lips and then what you wanna do is wipe it off just before applying your matte lipstick.

Why matte lipsticks?

Well, if you’ve been following me for a while now, you’ll know that matte formulations of any kind help to hide fine lines and wrinkles. While anything that contains even a hint of shimmer or glitter will draw attention to these slight imperfections, making them even more obvious.

Personally, I have a ton of lines on my lips so apart from choosing only matte shades for my lips, I also tend to go for more intense,  or highly pigmented nude or rose shades on my lips simply because I’m too lazy to keep layering on more lipstick throughout the day. As in, I much prefer to just apply it once and forget about it.

Remember less is more.

Wearing too much lipstick not only looks unnatural but it will also cause those unsightly smudges around the edges. Besides, the really good long wearing lipsticks have excellent staying power. But when it does, eventually fade. I just wipe the rest of it off and because they’re usually very close to my natural lip colour,  it’s hardly noticeable and I can get away without reapplying.

Another good thing about nude shades is this. As we get older, our lips tend to thin out more especially the upper lip. So, sticking to softer, lighter tones or nude shades actually gives the appearance of fuller, more youthful lips because a nude lip is somewhat less defined - you can’t really tell where the lip starts and where it ends.

Let’s talk about defining the lips for a second. Personally, I don’t use lip liners a lot because I usually use a lip brush to apply my liquid lipsticks and they do a darn good job at defining the lips but say you’re a lip liner person, here’s an important tip.

When lining your lips, it’s best to line the whole lip and colour it in so it doesn’t look odd, when your lipstick wears off.

Speaking of which, long wear, stay all day, everlasting lip colours and transfer proof liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now and that's because these liquid lipsticks are so highly pigmented. All you need to do is apply a super thin layer to get maximum payoff.  Here's my favourite, go-to transfer proof liquid lipstick.

I think I mentioned this in a previous post but it’s definitely worth talking about again and that is - when it comes to applying liquid lipsticks, the best practice is actually to smear some onto your makeup palette or spatula. Then, you use a lip brush for a more precise application. It’s definitely more sanitary this way as well and you don’t end up contaminating the whole bottle.

In like manner, when you need to reapply your lipstick after eating or drinking, it’s best to remove completely the remaining lipstick along with any grease, dirt and grim with a wet wipe or makeup remover before you apply a brand new layer of lipstick using the same technique suggested above, on clean lips.

As promised, here's how to make thin lips look fuller with makeup


As we age, the corners of our mouths tend to go south. Although I seem to recall them starting to turn downwards in my twenties - it could be genetics. Anyway, point is, downturned lips not only make you look sad, they also make you look much older.

So, one way to get around that, is to stop right before where it goes south. (see dotted lines)

And remember, if your lower lip is thicker than your upper lip, then you’d wanna line the inside, of your natural lip line. But if your upper lip is thinner than your lower lip, then you’d want to balance them out by outlining just slightly above your natural upper lip line, as demonstrated in the video above.

Always apply lipstick with your mouth closed. Do the outline first, as suggested above, get the shape right then fill it in.

One more cool tip on how to make lips look younger.

Once a week, add a little bicarbonate of soda or baking soda - it’s the same exact thing - it’s just a matter of where you’re from. So, add some baking soda to your regular facial foam cleanser and you've just turned it into a scrub. Not only can you use it for your face but also for your lips as well. It does a great job of exfoliating and removing dead skin cells.

Or, if you already have a favourite facial scrub that you use weekly, remember to gently rub a little on your lips as well to remove any dry skin.

And that’s how to make lips look younger and how to make thin lips look fuller with makeup. I hope you learnt a thing or two today. Do let me know in the comments below which was most useful to you and also what other makeup tips and tricks you’d wanna see here. Till next week, have a beautiful day!



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