Do you wake up every morning wondering what you gonna have for breakfast? Like, what am I going to feed my family today?

This week, I’m gonna share some more easy, simple and quick breakfast recipes with you and in this post, I’m gonna focus on how to make waffles healthy!

Well, for starters, you can make waffles healthy by reducing the amount of sugar that goes in there. Another way to make waffles healthy is to add some liquid sourdough to the mix so it can ferment. Fermentation helps increase digestibility. Through that same fermentation process, harmful phytic acids are broken down and you'll have much better access to the nutrients and that always helps with mineral absorption.

This recipe makes two Belgian waffles or three regular-sized waffles, so feel free to adjust upwards according to your needs.

Here's a great tip - when ready to make the waffles, it's a good idea to fire up the oven to 200°C so that it'll be nice and warm by the time you're done making the waffles and you can just pop them in to keep warm and maybe even develop a nice crisp about them while you work on the rest so that you can serve them altogether, at once!


Melted butter, cooled 35g

All purpose flour 70g
Bamboo charcoal powder 6g
Thyme 1g
Pink salt 3g
Baking soda 1/4t
Baking powder 1t

Liquid sourdough (LSD) or sourdough starter/discard 96g
Ice cold water (8°C) 88g
Milk 55g
Egg, 1x 50g
Pure maple syrup / agave syrup 11g


Step 1

Measure out 35g of butter, melt it over low heat, and set it aside to cool

Step 2

In a bowl, mix all purpose flour, bamboo charcoal powder, thyme, pink salt, baking soda, baking powder

Step 3

In a separate bowl, mix LSD, water, milk*, egg, maple syrup and melted butter.

Step 4

Combine dry and wet ingredients. Mix well. Cover and let it ferment on the counter top for two to four hours or in the fridge, overnight

Step 5

When ready to make the waffles, preheat oven to 200°C, heat up waffle maker. Pour 200ml of batter into the waffle maker. When it's done, pop it in the oven to keep warm while you work on the rest.

Serve waffles warm with whipped cream and ice cream or with your favourite savoury toppings


*If all you have is heavy cream, you could do a half-and-half, as in, half water and half cream so that you get a milk-like consistency

After you’re done making the waffle batter, it’s a good time feed your sourdough starter before popping it back into the fridge.

Usually, at the end of each week, I feed my SD starter, Dough-rothy (my SD starter has a name too!) 25g of water and 25g of rye flour, stir it up and keep it in the fridge but because I used up quite a bit this time, I’m going to feed her 50g of water and 50g of rye flour. I use a rubber band as a marker so then I'll know how much Dough-rothy has grown and flourished.

sourdough waffles sandwich

Making waffles is fun, it's easy. Plus, waffles are so versatile! You could even have it as a main meal by add savoury fillings to it and turning it into a sandwich! Or, you could have it as a dessert, with ice cream!

Talking about ice cream, I have a growing list of ice cream videos. In fact, I’m thinking of making cookies and cream ice cream really soon so if that’s something you’d like to get in on, then definitely consider subscribing to my blog so you’ll be notified when that video of a sweet treat is out! In the meanwhile, you have a beautiful day!

Love Lynette Tan

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