This week, let's talk about the best cookie recipe of all time and make us some soft, buttery walnut cookies at home!

But first, let me just come on out and say it - this is not a walnut-flavoured kinda cookie but a wholesome and toothsome nutty biscuit.

We’re gonna make these walnut cookies today primarily from - walnuts of course! So I thought, why don’t we make some walnut milk first and then use the pulp to make those cookies?

In case you missed a previous episode where we talked about how to make almond milk at home, here’s a quick recap:

100g - 150g of walnuts are required to make one litre of walnut milk, and since the walnut cookie recipe calls for 250g of walnuts, I'll be able to make two litres of walnut milk.

Walnut Milk (Makes 1 litre)


100g - 150g of walnuts

1 litre of distilled water



Pour one litre of hot distilled water (60°C - 80°C) into the Vegan Milker


Slowly pop in the filter attachment, add 100g - 150g of walnuts


Blitz with hand blender for one minute, strain it and serve straightaway or store it in the fridge after it's cooled.

Walnut cookie recipe (Makes 25 cookies)


Walnuts 250g
Dates, pitted 75g
Ground cinnamon 1T
Ground nutmeg 1t
Pink salt 1t



Step 1

Combine all of the above in a food processor, blend till smooth

Step 2

Line a dehydrator tray with mesh screen and non-stick drying sheet. Then, use a cookie dough scoop to portion out equally-sized cookies across the tray.

Step 3

Use the back of a fork to press down on each ball of cookie dough to flatten and decorate it

Step 4

Place dehydrator tray in the middle of dehydrator and set it to dehydrate cookies at 118°F (47.78°C) for 4 - 6 hours or until cookies have dried thoroughly

*Bonus tip - halfway through, remove the non-stick drying sheet and flip the cookies over, leaving them to dry directly on the mesh screen to speed up drying time

Just in case you're wondering why I'm opting to use my dehydrator in favour of the conventional oven. Well, that's because the dehydrator preserves food naturally. In fact, it locks in all the essential enzymes, nutrients, fibres and flavours. And mimics the effects of eating sun-dried food, so you can be certain that you're getting maximum nutrition and minimum waste.

Conversely, it is the microwave that destroys all the nutrients and natural goodness in all your foods. Hence, I replaced it with a dehydrator.

Now after the cookies are completely dry, remove them from the dehydrator. Leave them to cool before storing them in an airtight container. Remember to consume them within the week.

They're great as a snack or you could also have them for breakfast. In time to come, I'm sure this soft, flavourful cookie will become a prominent part of your home menu.

Till next week, you have a beautiful day!

Love Lynette Tan

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