This week, let's talk about how to make yogurt at home with yogurt maker. Here, I’m talking about a really thick and creamy homemade yogurt and I'll also describe how to turn that into a delightful breakfast experience.

Just so we’re clear on the timeline, if you wanna have yogurt for breakfast in the morning, you’ll have to prep this the night before. This is because the yogurt requires at least eight to ten hours to ferment before it’s ready to eat.

So with that in mind, make sure you have a litre of cold drinking water sitting in the fridge in order to mix the yogurt. If you wanna be really precise, the cold drinking water should be between 15°C and 20°C.

And because timing is everything, you’d want to prepare a pot of boiling water as well that’ll come up to the indicator level as shown in the photo below, depending on which side of the globe you’re on.

Indicator levels in yogurt maker

To make sure I don’t boil too much or too little tap water, what I do is fill the yogurt maker with tap water to somewhere between where it says hot climate and normal climate. Then, I empty out all that tap water into a medium saucepan and bring it to a boil.

While that’s happening, here's how to mix the yogurt.


Pour 500ml of cold drinking water into the tub provided.


Empty the yogurt mix, secure the lid and give it a good shake


Top it up with another 500ml of cold drinking water, reseal the lid and give it another good shake. Release any air bubbles then secure the lid again.


By now, the tap water in the saucepan should have come to a rolling boil, turn off the heat and pour the boiling hot water into the yogurt maker. Make sure the hot water comes up to somewhere between where it says hot climate and normal climate.


Place the tub into the yogurt maker and immediately shut it with the lid and leave it on your kitchen counter top for eight to ten hours


Of course, if you prefer a slightly tangier taste, then leave it covered on your kitchen counter top for a few extra hours. Although, I wouldn't recommend leaving it for more than 12 hours. Remember it continues to ferment in the fridge albeit at a much slower rate.

Anyway, fast forward to 8am the next morning and it's time to unravel the yogurt maker to reveal the smoothest, most  delicious homemade yogurt.

No worries if you notice a separation, you can either just gently stir that in before serving - and you’ll get a much smoother texture - or you could save that yellowish liquid or whey in another container to ferment other fruits, nuts and seeds. I can show you how I do that in a future post so be sure to subscribe or follow me if you haven’t already.

After I remove the tub from the yogurt maker, I usually fridge it first, whilst I prepare my fresh fruit, nuts and seeds.

As promised, here’s how to turn that creamy homemade yogurt into a delicious, wholesome, and healthful breakfast!

Diced mangoes in a bowl

Dice a mango, add two to four tablespoons of that creamy homemade yogurt we just made.

diced mangoes with yogurt

Then, top it with a pack of mix nuts and seeds.

fruit yogurt bowl topped with nuts and seeds

This is so good and so simple to make!

I usually make plain yogurt using all natural, fresh ingredients so you get a good mix of probiotics as well as prebiotics to keep your gut buddies happy and thriving.

Of course, you can keep the tub in the fridge for up to two weeks but we usually finish it within the week!

And that’s essentially how to make yogurt at home with yogurt maker and what you’ll get is thick and creamy homemade yogurt. Simply add in your favourite mix of fresh fruit, nuts and seeds for the most delightful breakfast experience.

Check out my blog for more breakfast ideas and share the love with your friends. Till my next update, have a beautiful day!


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