How to Use Concealer Properly | How to Make Concealer Stay All Day

So what do you have to hide?

This week, I show you how to use concealer properly and we’ll be covering all you need to know about concealers, and how to make the concealer stay all day.

What are you hoping to hide? I’m sure you’re not new to the world of concealers. In fact, I think you might even have several, different types of concealers hiding in your drawers right now! So we’re just gonna gloss over some basics here. Fact is, the same principles from all my previous videos and posts still apply - always, always use matte cream or liquid concealers with your cream or liquid foundations simply because they tone down the fine lines and wrinkles quite a lot and are more blend-able. You can literally massage or coax it to the exact spot that you want covered.

How to choose concealers?

Concealers are usually one or two shades lighter than your foundation. Again, the same rules apply here as well - light shades highlight or bring forward that spot or part of the face while the darker shades recede or hide the flaws. So say if you have a lump or a bump, which shade would you use?

Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to highlight or raise that bump any higher than it already is. Instead, I’ll use a matching shade to my foundation to conceal that blemish of a bump!

And before I get into the concealer tips and tricks, I just wanna share that the big idea here is not to cover up for cover up’s sake. But rather, concealers are a useful tool to use while you’re figuring out or taking steps to rectify what’s really causing the irregularities in your skin in the first place.

If you’re still getting breakouts for example, could it be caused by traces of makeup that wasn’t thoroughly removed before going to bed? Perhaps you need to re-learn the steps to double cleansing properly? Or could it be, that the ingredients in your makeup doesn’t quite agree with your skin? Like is it too oily? Or, could it be that your makeup brushes are not cleaned properly? I’ll share how I deep cleanse my brushes in a future post so watch this space! Or are you not drinking enough pure water, or eating enough cleansing, live foods and giving your body time to repair itself or are you going through a stressful time at work or at home?

I suppose it’s important to consider all these things too!

Our skin is the largest elimination organ in our bodies. Lumps and bumps are sometimes its way of telling us that something is not quite right with our eliminative channels.

Moving onto something else that’s equally or even more annoying like age spots. Age spots are a direct result of spending too much time in the sun or not using sunscreen when heading out. One practical step to prevent further age spots from forming is to spend less time in the sun especially from between 10am and 3pm. Yet another practical way to prevent age spots is to eat more raw foods - like drink cold-pressed vegetable juices and eat your fresh fruits, only when they’re in season of course.

Then, talking about yet another pretty common flaw that most of us would love concealed is dark circles.The remedy is obvious - sleep earlier. In fact, you know what? Sleep as soon as the sun sets. And stop looking at your phone and computer at least two hours before you hit the sack!

"Sleep as soon as the sun sets. And stop looking at your phone and computer at least two hours before you hit the sack!"

With all that in mind, here’s:-

Tip #1
Always use concealer after you’ve applied your foundation. For how to apply foundation in 60 seconds, you can check out my one minute foundation routine. Yes, foundation first then concealer ensures...

Tip #2
Use only the tiniest bit of concealer because your foundation would have helped to even out your skin tone quite a bit already. It's better to see a shadow of a scar or spot than to apply way too much concealer.

Tip #3
Always use a fine-tip, synthetic concealer brush so you pick up the maximum amount of product and apply it exactly where it’s needed. We’re talking about precision application. Even if it comes with its own applicator. And you can do this with your liquid lipsticks too.

I always dot some product on my palette first, then I use a brush to pick it up. It’s definitely more hygienic that way too! And you don’t contaminate the rest of the bottle, especially if you’re covering up active acne. You don’t wanna be spreading the bacterial infection everywhere.

Tip #4
Always dot on your concealer, then use the warmth of your ring finger to blend until it disappears into your skin.

#Pro tip
In order for your makeup to look absolutely natural, remember that your makeup must move with you and your myriad expressions.

Remember, it’s impossible for you to not smile or talk to other people. Even a “yes and thank you” counts!

So squeeze your lower eyelid ever so slightly as if you're squinting, while applying your concealer. So, you take into account the range of movements of your lower eye lids and blend the concealer into that area as it changes and moves with your different expressions.

Tip #5
After you’ve blended the concealer into your skin, and you’re happy with how it’s moving along with you when you talk and when you smile. Then, spray some setting spray at the back of your hand and gently dab it onto your lower eyelid. After it dries, powder on some setting powder to really lock it in place and you can forget about it, literally!

And that’s how to use concealer, properly and how to make concealer stay all day. Bear this in mind, for makeup to look natural it must always move with your skin.

I hope you learnt something useful today and if you did, like and share this with your friends and subscribe for more!

Meanwhile, you have a beautiful day!

Love, Lynette Tan

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