I am nuts!

Screen shot 2016-03-26 at AM 12.23.15You know what?

I love nutella.

It would have been my name except that it’ll make me look like a nut.

But I love it anyway.

I love its smooth, creamy, and chocolaty taste.

Drives me nuts!

And I must admit, it adds a certain oomph to my day too.

I have it for lunch every day at precisely 12pm because according to Ayurveda, our digestive systems function at their optimum between 12-2pm. One single, triangular sandwich is all I have for lunch and that’s how I stick to my optimum weight of 46kg.

I haven’t put on a single gram since I waved goodbye to my teachers at Katong Convent.

Who would have thought that this hazelnut chocolate spread invented in Alba, Italy by Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker, would find its way to my heart? And grow in importance each passing year!

History remembers that there was a shortage of cocoa due to World War II rationing, and that’s how Pietro thought up this grand plan – to cut hazelnut into the dwindling chocolate supply.

Thank God for this great invention!   Wanna know how best to finish a bottle?   Add a scoop of your favourite vanilla ice-cream…hmm! Shiok-a-doo!

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