This week, let me show you how to make keto coconut ice cream with ice cream maker. This is a real easy keto coconut ice cream recipe, I promise. And, you can definitely still make this delicious treat even if you’re not using an ice cream maker.

But just before that, what is one food you find difficult to give up?

For me, it’s definitely ice cream, hands down. I can give up almost any other food but ice cream, never! Not in this lifetime! So the option was crystal clear - I had to find a way to make my own ice cream that’s full of the creamy goodness and none of the nasties.

And with that, let’s jump right in.


480g heavy cream or whipping cream (35% to 38% fat)
240g coconut cream
64g xylitol or sugar
1t coconut extract
4 egg yolks (14g each)
1t lightly baked, unsweetened coconut flakes as topping


Step 1

In a medium saucepan (low heat), add heavy cream, coconut cream

Step 2

Add xylitol*, stir till it dissolves completely, remove from stove

Step 3

Add coconut extract

Step 4

In a separate bowl, whisk egg yolks, keep whisking whilst adding a steady stream of cream mixture until fully combined

Step 5

Return the fully combined mixture back into the medium saucepan, keep stirring over low heat, for about 10 minutes, or until the cream coats the back of the spoon

Step 6

If ice cream curdles or is lumpy, use an immersion blender or regular blender to blend until smooth

Step 7

Let it cool for about two hours, fridge it for a further two hours or overnight.

Step 8

Strain chilled mixture in a sieve when pouring into ice cream maker to get an even smoother texture

Step 9

Set ice cream maker according to its manual After machine beeps, serve immediately or transfer the semi-soft ice cream into your favourite tub and freeze for a further two hours

Step 10

After machine beeps, serve immediately or transfer the semi-soft ice cream into your favourite tub and freeze for a further two hours

If you are not using an ice cream machine, at Step 8, strain chilled mixture and pour it directly into desired vessel. Stir every 30 minutes until frozen.

*Note - Xylitol is a plant-based sugar alcohol, a naturally occurring sweetener that doesn’t have a herby, bitter aftertaste. It’s also a great one-for-one sugar substitute

Please also note that sugar or not, anything that is sweet, triggers an insulin response in our bodies so go easy on the sweetness is my best advice

And if you have pets at home, xylitol is particularly toxic to dogs


Add a teaspoon of lightly toasted, unsweetened coconut flakes to each scoop of coconut ice cream before serving. Or you could also top it with your favourite nuts and seed mix. And because the ice cream is less sweet, you have the option of drizzling some gula melaka or coconut palm sugar syrup or crystals as garnish as well.


One final tip on how to prevent ice crystals on ice cream. Before storing ice cream in the freezer, cover the top of the ice cream with clip wrap to prevent ice crystals from forming. And you can do this with other regular ice creams too!

And that’s essentially how to make keto coconut ice cream with ice cream maker using a fairly easy keto coconut ice cream recipe. I hope you like this recipe. More recipes coming your way, just like this one. And if you’ve got friends and family who’d probably enjoy this creamy coconut ice cream as well, please by all means, feel free to share this with them. In the meanwhile, you have a beautiful day!

Love Lynette Tan

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