Korea – Land of the Morning Calm

Sweet Potatoes

Apparently South Koreans are crazy about sweet potato flavoured delicacies

They love it to such an extent that there is

every possible dish flavoured with sweet potato.

There’re main courses, desserts, chips, latte, bread and salads, just to name a few


The Hangul Language

You know why there’s still such a strong bond among the Koreans

Because they speak and write the same language.

The Hangul language consists of 14 consonants and 10 vowels.

These alphabets can be combined to form various syllables.

And it’s considered one of the standard scientific writing systems.


Always Use Blue Ink

Every society has its own strange superstitions including Koreans… they can’t stand red ink


Because when a Korean passes on from this life

The name is usually written in red ink in the family register and funeral banners to ward off evil and to protect the dead

So they believe that if you write the name of a living person in red

bad things will happen that might even result in death

So in your dealings with Koreans, whether it’s signing a contract, writing a letter, or grading a paper

play it safe, use blue instead.


Toilet-themed Amusement Park

There are many bizarre theme parks across the world

but i think South Korea beats them hands down

The city of Suwon is home to the first toilet-themed amusement park

And even though this theme park has no rides

it’s complete with all sorts of toilet paraphernalia such as medieval bedpans, Korean squat toilets

a urinal sculpture and bronze statues of people in the process of relieving themselves

the best part?

The Restroom Cultural Park is free

So make a pit stop… the next time you’re in the city of Suwon



Today is Dongdamon Day Doota Doota

You know South Koreans love to shop… ooh I like…

The country has some of the biggest shopping malls in the world.

The stores are open until 4 in the morning while restaurants, bars, and cafes are open till 11 in the night.

So that means you can literally shop till you drop


The Korean Flag

We celebrate the Republic of Korea’s National Day this coming Friday and it’s interesting to note the symbols on its flag

Apparently the flag has a whole lot of philosophy behind it.

You see the flag has a white background with a yin – yang symbol in the centre and four trigrams in the four corners of the flag.

The Yin yang symbol is in blue and red representing balance and harmony.

While the trigrams on each corner symbolize universal elements like heaven, earth, fire and water.


Avoid Black Cabs

One of my girlfriends told me never get into a black cab when you’re in Seoul

You know why?

The taxis in South Korea are colour coded according to the level of service offered.

So if you hail a grey or white taxi, it’ll probably be a basic car with a fully qualified but not so experienced driver.

As opposed to when you jump into a black cab, it’s usually  a luxury car with a more experienced driver.

SO it  really depends on what you prefer


Smiling Roofs

You’re gonna like this one

It put a smile on my face, I hope it does yours too

Apparently all Korean roofs are curved upwards at the ends

giving them an appearance of a smile

So do check out those smiling roofs the next time you’re in Seoul


Two New Years?

South Korea celebrates two New Years around Feb; one for the western calendar and one for the lunar calendar

Then apart from these two New Year celebrations

There are several other interesting holidays such as Korean Alphabet Day on Oct 9th

which is to mark the creation of the Korean language.


What’s your blood type?

Blood type is a big thing in Korea

It’s even more popular than horoscopes and the Zodiac

Koreans believe that a person’s personality, temperament and compatibility with others

both romantic and platonic

Can be determined by their blood type


Blood types and their personality

Still on the topic of blood types

Koreans believe that they can figure out a person’s personality based on their Blood type

Like those with Blood Type A are often called farmers

Those with Blood type B are NOmads

Blood type AB are Humanists

and Blood type O are Warriors

For a more detailed description, log on to http://beyondhallyu.com/culture/its-in-your-blood-the-link-between-blood-types-and-personalities/


How old are you, really?

Interestingly, age is counted differently in Korea

When you are born, you are considered to be one.

On your first New Years, you are two years old.

Then you go back to adding a year on the date of your birthday.

So with this Korean style of counting, most Koreans are a year or two older than they actually are.


If you have a sweet tooth

It’s desserts galore in Seoul City, Korea

If you thought sweet treats couldn’t get any sweeter

You must try the famous green tiramisu from tart café Duex Cremes in Sinsa-dong.

It’s both rich and creamy with just a hint of green tea

And remember to head to the café way before it closes cuz most of the tarts are sold out by that time


Hangover Stew?

Have you heard of the Hangover stew?

Apparently over in Korea, drinking and partying is such a staple that an entire cuisine has sprung up around curing the hangover.

Nope! Forget the banana… and go straight for that steaming bowl of haejangguk instead –  spicy beef broth with bean sprouts… ooh… Yummy!


Best Airport!

For nine years in a row from 2005 till today, the Incheon International Airport has been rated the best airport worldwide by Airports Council International.

You know why?

The airport has a golf course, spa, private sleeping rooms, ice skating rink, a casino, indoor gardens and a Museum of Korean Culture.

Plus high-end restaurants whipping up just about any kind of pre-flight meal you’d fancy, now how’s that for great service?


Study, study, study

Interestingly, about 15 per cent of the average Korean household income is spent on tuition

And 24 hour study rooms are very popular among students

These study rooms provide an intense and quiet atmosphere and are divided into rows of cubicles that can be rented for as little as ₩7,000 won or $8 Singapore dollars a day

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