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If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll realise that I’ve cut out carbs from my diet a long time ago. And I’m not about to reintroduce it back in any way, form or fashion.

I’m again suggesting that if you find it challenging to give up carbs, there are more nutritious, healthful alternatives that you could consider switching to, on your way to giving up processed carbs like I have.

I’m saying this only because I know how difficult it is to make the switch. And that can’t happen overnight. In fact, my own husband, Jedidiah, still craves the occasional prata, mee soto, bread and curry chook… you get the picture!

But he has also cut down carbs very significantly over the years. He’s a lot more conscious about what he eats, and paces out his meals of carbs and non-carbs just so that he still gets to indulge, but not excessively. And over time, he’s also acquired a taste for salads, proteins, nuts and seeds – without having a hangover for carbs!

Loss of more than 10kg over a decade

One healthy alternative that I’ve introduced him to is the steel cut oats (SCO). Since then, he’s become a fan of this hot cereal as his first meal of the day. This breakfast recipe I’m about to share with you is something simple he cooked up.

As mentioned in my previous post, SCO is the least processed of all manner of oats so naturally it requires a slightly longer time to cook, about 20 minutes. But when you soak it overnight, you cut the cooking time down to just ten minutes.

The following recipe serves 1:-

Pre-soaking SCO in filtered water


So what you do the night before is scoop seven heaped tablespoons of SCO into a mason jar and fill it with filtered water till it more that covers the oats and then cap it and leave it in the fridge overnight, then drain it the next morning.



7 T pre-soaked SCO 

1 C or 250ml distilled water

1 t of raw honey or 100% pure maple syrup

A dash of cinnamon

A handful of raisins, diced bananas, dates, or figs

Cook pre-soaked SCO on low heat for ten minutes


Bring 1 C or 250ml distilled water to a boil

Add the pre-soaked SCO 

Set the kitchen timer for ten minutes, stirring occasionally 

When ten minutes is up, turn off the flame and stir in some or all of the ingredients as suggested above

Cooked SCO with raisins and banana chunks

According to Dr Norman Walker, author of The Vegetarian Guide to Diet & Salad, breakfast food recipes like the one above contain mostly sugar and starch and go best with fruits such as bananas, dates, figs and raisins only. And for that reason alone, I do not recommend adding acid, semi-acid or proteins for fear that that may interfere with optimum digestion.

In my next post, I’ll share a somewhat similar but different SCO recipe so stay tuned if you prefer a more savoury concoction that’s suitable for a light lunch or dinner.

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