Meeting with Kim Robinson

Interview with Kim Robinson

Interview with Kim Robinson

Affable, unpretentious, and with an eye for details is the man behind the luxurious hair boutique from the land of didgeridoos and dreamtime magic. The only air about this celebrity hairstylist is the fluff you get in your hair once it’s done. And trust me, it’s a good feeling.

Kim Robinson has hair-dressed the likes of Jackie Chan, Kate Moss, and several others. And so, it was really a privilege for me to be able to interview him and find out what makes him tick. He obviously loves what he does, and takes great pride in making sure that his protégés the world over shares the same hair-thos.

Having spent 35 years in Hong Kong, he also speaks such fluent Cantonese that you couldn’t have told that it’s an angmoh if you hadn’t noticed. He’s definitely going to be a hit with our Cantonese tai-tais here.

We spent over an hour just chatting and poring over issues about what really is a filament made up of mostly protein that grows from follicles found in our skin. Without even bating a breath, Kim took me through what seemed like an historical exegesis of hairstyling, and like a student ever so eager to learn, I soaked it all up.

And having sat through a session like that, I couldn’t go away feeling that I could really trust my hair to this guy.

In fact, I was at Kim Robinson Takashimaya just recently to have a haircut and tint done by his protégés. After all, the Singapore Radio Awards is just around the corner; it is the perfect excuse for me to pamper myself with a brand new hair colour and a whole new look. And they added the “wow” to the whole experience with a glass of iced-lemon tea that provided a cool respite on a scorching hot Sunday. Now, that was truly the finest of self-pampering.

Casually flipping my hair, Kim scrutinises my new hairdo, inspecting the quality of the cut and dye his protégés had given me as we ended the interview. Just as 916 is the universal standard for gold jewellery, Kim Robinson would probably qualify as the universal yardstick for perfection in hairstyling. And knowing him, he’ll probably get into anyone’s hair if he had a chance to, and fix it up so that it will look a million dollars – after he’s done with a one hour session on hair theology of course.

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