My Favourite Things: Living it up at Kim Robinson

First and foremost, allow me to congratulate all lucky winners of the $50 Kim Robinson vouchers. I’m very sure you’re going to have a fantabulous time at Kim Robinson’s! I know I did.

Truth is, Kim Robinson is anything but your run-of-the-mill three-in-one coffee brewed out of convenience. Everything here is unabashedly swanky, like having to lift up your little pinky when sipping your devonshire tea. By the way, don’t even think of calling Kim or any of his staff “hairdressers” or worse still, “barbers”.  That’s anathema. “Hairstylists” won’t cut it either. In fact, that would really be quite an insult to them. So, how do we refer to them? Taking a leaf out of the master himself, “hairartists” would best explain their job description. Splitting the hair over semantics, you say? Well, maybe. But once you’ve spent enough time at Kim Robinson’s, you’ll realise that they boast a quality of service that makes them deserving of a good name.




The Kim Robinson experience is in a class of its own. Once you get past the savvy and rather foreboding exterior (the immediate question for most of us is the price of a haircut), you would be so warmly welcomed by really hospitable staff, a posh interior, and holistic hair consultation that retreating becomes a non-option. On the contrary, I find every hair treatment session quite a retreat. Just sitting there and allowing the hairartists to fuss over your hair is a good feeling. For me, this is probably pampering at its best. Of course, spa treatments are not bad either, but with the recent spa-te of events, bubble hairwashes, deep scalp massages, and designer hair treatment will still be my number one choice of respite.

Being the internationally-acclaimed hairartist that he is, Kim Robinson is painstaking about creating the right atmosphere at his hairstudios. In fact, if you were to look closely enough, you’ll realise that the oil paintings dotting the corridoors and personal treatment rooms are done by the man himself! And as I stood there, admiring the quality of his art pieces, I couldn’t help but think that he’s probably the happiest man alive to be able to marry his two passions in life – hairart and oil paintings. What better way to work than to enjoy it as a personal past time?


Anyway, everytime I get my hair dry-snipped at Kim Robinson’s, I’m reminded of the story once told of Michaelangelo who saw in every block of stone he sculptured an angel waiting to be released. That really gets me wondering.. what do Kim Robinson hairartists see in my flat, lifeless, boring hair that seems on the verge of baldness?

DSC_0146I’m in the midst of crunching out a Kim Robinson video for all my listeners out there. This will probably be more interesting than what I can put together in words. So, keep a look out for that!

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