My Favourite Things: Skin Woes

Do you have age spots? Freckles? Uneven skintones, pigmentation or just …dull-looking skin?

Well, almost everyone will experience these kinds of facial skin problems at some point or other. The question is… what do we do about them?

While some go to extensive lengths of trying to mask these imperfections, others use all kinds of harsh chemicals on their delicate skin to try to remove them. Well first of all, these common skin flaws can occur because of age, stress, exposure to environmental elements, and a host of other factors. In fact, some are the result of genetics, viruses, and other causes. It’s always best to check with your own dematologist, however, good skin care practices can help reduce thee appearance of these common flaws, prevent further damage and maintain firm, smooth, and healthy skin.

There are 2 broad types of products that can help brighten and whiten the skin. Brightening products usually contain Vitamin C because it helps to lighten the skin tone for natural looking radiance, reduce age spots, pigmentation and freckles. Vitamin C is vital in skin repair and healing and is required for collagen reproduction especially for aging skin. Vitamin C also regenerates vitamin E in the skin to provide sustained antioxidant protection to suppress free radicals. But, effective though it might be, thee acidic nature of Vitamin C may irritate and dry some sensitive skin types. Also, special care ought be taken when pregnant because the skin is most sensitive then.

Whitening products on thee other hand generally whitens the skin tone where applied. They protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals, and inhibits the formation of melanin pigments. Interestingly, most of the brightening and whitening products at Skinfood are mixed with certain percentage of vitamin C from tomatoes to produce more natural skin tone results.

What’s your particular skin complaint and how have you successfully dealt with it? Share your thoughts with us…

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