Nam Nam…

Largest exporter of cashews and black pepper

Now did you know that Viet Nam is the largest exporter of cashews and black pepper in the world with one-third of the global production

The country is also the second largest exporter of rice behind Thailand.

So before you dig into your next bowl of rice or savour the next cashew, just know it might have just come from Vietnam.


Vietnamese language

Hey if you thought that Mandarin was complicated, it’s not really cuz it has only 4 different tones

The Vietnamese language has six different tones.

And a change in tone…  changes the whole meaning of the word.

No wonder their language sounds so unique and is somewhat difficult to learn.

But don’t stop trying though

You just need to get really familiar with it to speak it confidently


Viet cuisine

I get very excited when I talk about food and Vietnamese cuisine is interesting because it can be spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet, all at the same time.

In fact, Vietnamese food is a blend of Chinese and Thai styles and is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world

I mean if you could recall your last Vietnamese meal…

Didn’t it come with a combination of fresh ingredients like fresh herbs esp basil, beansprouts and coriander, seafoods, fruits and vegetables along with fish sauce, shrimp paste, Hoisin sauce as well as soy sauce and rice?

If it was a while ago that you had Vietnamese, how about having it for dinner tonight?


Declaration of Independence

Vietnam announced its Declaration of Independence from France on 2nd September, 1945.

Even though thee US recognised their independence only in 1995.

Vietnam is a melting pot of diverse cultural experiences

Many of which are a result of the French and Japanese occupation

No wonder it’s not difficult to find in any shop freshly baked baguette and a variety of cheese


Motobike City

An estimated ten million motor bikes travel on the roads of Vietnam every day.

And Saigon is sometimes called the motorbike city by tourists and locals alike

Motorbikes are way more common than cars on the streets of Vietnam

And wearing helmets is a must

Now if the police stop you and you don’t have a helmet, you’ll have to pay a standard fine of ten US dollars

If they ask you to show your Vietnamese driving licence, which you obviously won’t have

they’ll confiscate your bike and you’ll have to pick it up at the police station later… after paying a fine of course.

Helmets can be bought almost everywhere and they’re pretty cheap,

Just make sure you get a solid one that gives you maximum protection and not just a colorful piece of plastic with a strap!



Now where did thee addictive habit of chewing on betel nuts originate from?

Why is Saigon known as the motobike city?

BOH tea is not only a name but also an acronym…  what does it stand for?

Find out this week… as we Globe trot to Malaysia and Vietnam

Join me Lynette Tan as we celebrate the National Days of Malaysia and Vietnam

from 12 to 1pm on Expat Radio 96.3XFM – experience home closer!

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