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Temaiken Zoo

Argentine’s Revolution of May is just around the corner. The June holidays are fast approaching, and if you’re wondering where to go for your family vacation. How about Bueno Aires, Argentina?

A visit to the Temaikan Zoo is a must for you and your whole family! Imagine being greeted by bright pink flamingos on your way to see meerkats, pygmy hippos and white tigers roaming freely around natural enclosures.

And, do take time to mingle with the “La Chacra” or farm animals, one of the main attractions of the zoo.
Your children will be so thrilled to get up close and personal with the animals, feed them, pet them, run around with them

Now doesn’t that sound like a wonderful opportunity to bond with your family and what better way to spend your holiday than to enjoy nature at its best?


Fitz Roy Track, Patagonia, Argentina (According to author Peter Potterfield’s, Classic Trails)

Hey let me ask you, are you fond of nature and love a good challenge?

If you do, you might want to consider hiking up Argentina’s Mount Fitz Roy.

Located at the Southern end of South America, the Mount Fitzroy trail remains one of the most stunning treks that Patagonia has to offer.

But I must warn you, hiking up the mountain is no easy feat

Just imagine long stretches of grueling technical climbing amidst harsh weather conditions
But then again, I guess the gorgeous, breathtaking views more than make up for it

From the first light of day when an elegant rose hue is cast upon this gigantic granite monolith
to the clouds thinning out, wisp around its peak by nightfall
you won’t get a more dazzling view, anywhere else.

So if you’re planning on taking up a climbing challenge, do consider Argentina’s Mount Fitz Roy.


Guinness World Record – largest amount of beef roasted

Argentina’s May Revolution is traditionally celebrated throughout Argentina with vibrant music, colourful march pasts and all kinds of culinary treats.

And talking about food, did you know that the once almighty King of Beef set the Guinness World record for the largest serving of barbecued beef in 2011?

Over 900 raw ribs were delivered by train to the rolling plains of La Pampa in Argentina. And as you can imagine, the amount of beef used to set the new record was so heavy that the Argentine army had to step in to help weigh them.

Though it took about 4 hours to thoroughly roast over 13,000 kilograms of beef, it took only 40 minutes to distribute that massive amount of meat to some 20,000 hungry Argentines gathered on the plain that day.


Iguazu Falls

Now if you’ve been to Niagara Falls in Canada or Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and you think you’ve seen it all

Wait till you visit Iguazu Falls found on the border of Brazil and Argentina

Just picture yourself being surrounded by 260 degrees of pulsating waterfalls that are over 3 kilometres wide and 80 metres high

You’ll definitely not be able to capture this spectacular view on your mobile phone or tablet

So if you intend to visit Iguazu Falls one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, Argentina’s main attraction
Invest in a good camera, one that can detail every nuance


Haunted places (Sensing Evil: Argentina & Trinidad and Hitler’s Ghost)

If you’re a fan of the US TV series, Ghost Hunters International, then you might have seen some of the haunted sites in Argentina, like the Frigorifico Meat Packing Plant or the Grand Hotel Vienna.

But one of the more popular haunted sites in Argentina is the cemetery in Recoleta where Argentine’s rich and famous are laid to rest.

Legend has it, that amidst the happy souls that wander free, lurks a story of immeasurable pain, and deep, dark suffering. Apparently in 1902, a young girl was mistakenly pronounced dead and was laid to rest by her grieving parents. Waking up in her own coffin, she battled to break free but eventually suffocated and died.

When her distraught father discovered that his beloved daughter was buried alive, he rebuilt the gravesite to portray his daughter opening the doors to her own tomb. Word is, she now roams the cemetery at night, unearthing dead bodies to ensure that they haven’t suffered the same ugly fate.


Wine & Beef Production

Now if you’re a foodie traveller, where would you go to get some rich cut, prime rib paired with a glass of velvety red wine?

Now let’s be honest, whenever wine is mentioned, Italy or France would usually come to mind, but fact is, Argentina is also considered a leading wine producing nation.

And before falling from it’s throne as King of Beef in 2013, the land of tender sirloin is renowned for using a special barbecue technique to ensure that bursts of natural flavors are locked into the meat so if you think about it- Argentine steaks literally pack a punch with every bite. Don’t believe me, fly to Argentina this June and try it for yourself? And if after that, you still have room for dessert, stay tuned to find out where to go to satisfy your deepest desire for dark chocolates.


San Carlos de Bariloche

If you’re a chocoholic and you’re always on a look out for delicious new chocolates to devour, have you heard of the chocolate paradise located at the foothills of Andes in Argentina?

San Carlos de Bariloche is not only a popular destination for skiing and outdoor adventures, it’s also home to some of the best chocolatiers in the region.

One of the most talked about is Mamuschka, which is said to produce the most mouth-watering, highest-quality chocolates in all of Patagonia. Some of the recommendations include these lovely liquor-flavoured chocolate packages filled with either pure Johnny Walker Whiskey or Bailey’s Irish cream.

So be sure to get your chocolate high at the foothills of Andes in Argentina before you make your ascent up the longest continental mountain range in the world.



What comes to mind when I say CSI?

Immediately I see with my mind’s eye  officers thoroughly combing through a crime scene lifting fingerprint evidence off objects. I asked because interestingly, as early as 1892, Argentina became the first country in the world to rely solely on fingerprints to file its criminal records.

Through a bloody fingerprint match on the bedroom door, a mother was convicted of brutally murdering her two children and blaming it on her boyfriend because her other boyfriend had promised to marry her “except for those two brats”.

Many other fingerprint classification systems have evolved since that time but because a fingerprint remains unchanged during an individual’s lifetime, it remains an invaluable forensic tool.


Friend’s Day

You know how some special days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated worldwide? Well on 20th July every year, Argentina and Argentina alone celebrates a special day in honour of some very special people. Who exactly? They’re your friends, the very people some consider just as important as family, if not more.

On Friend’s Day, everyone usually gets together late at night to celebrate friendships. Word is there were so many calls that were made to friends on the 20th of July that cellular networks went down in multiple cities in the country.

So if your friends are important to you, don’t wait till July to be in Argentina to express your appreciation to them. Sometimes a simple “Thank you” or “I’m glad we’re friends,” goes a long way.



Now if you thought that the French invented the Tango, think again.

Argentina claims to have invented this world-famous dance of passion before it swept through Europe in the 1900s.

Apparently, this seductive intimate couple dance is rumoured to have originated from the brothels of Buenos Aires. But because this theory doesn’t take into account the other places where working-class men and women went to dance in the upper-class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. I would take it with a pinch of salt.

But nonetheless, the close embrace between dance partners, and the playing out of social roles through their movements are quite suggestive and rightly so. After all, doesn’t it take two to tango? It isn’t called the dance of love for nothing you know.



Are you ready to skydive to one of the Seven Wonders of Nature, climb the longest continental mountain range in the world, and taste test exotic chocolate packages filled with pure Johnny Walker Whiskey or Bailey’s Irish cream? Then join me Lynette Tan on Globetrekker all this week from 12 to 1pm as we make our way to the eighth largest country in the world – Argentina celebrates the Revolution of May… and so are we, with fun facts and great music. Stay tuned for your chance to win $100 dining voucher for you and a friend to share an authentic Argentine meal at Bochinche. Experience home closer on Expat Radio 96.3XFM – your home away from home.

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