Radio DJ won Mrs Singapore Universe and 6 other awards

I was in a daze.

Everything happened so quickly!

All I can remember? The emcees calling out for Contestant Number 14 and Lynette Tan again and again.

Then it was over.

Never had I ever imagined - a Radio DJ winning Mrs Singapore Universe and 6 other awards! My life changed forever on 7 May 2016. I not only bagged the main title but I also was awarded:

Mrs AEON Singapore 2016

KIRA Singapore Beauty Aesthetic 2016

BEJEWELED Brand Ambassador 2016

Mrs Beautiful Smile 2016

Mrs Wellness 2016 and

Best in Talent 2016

In early 2016, I entered the Mrs Singapore Beauty Pageant with only one thing in mind - I wanted to do something different.

Truth is, I was getting bored at work, I was going through a midlife crisis, and turning 40 just made me even more acutely aware of my limited time here on this earth. I desperately needed some excitement in my life and I wanted to leave a mark.

To be honest, I didn't have an end goal in mind when I first signed up. I didn't even know my why!

In fact, I never thought I would win. But, I coveted the idea of making as many good friends as I could and making the best of every opportunity I had to be a blessing to those around me. And that was what held me together and guided me through those gruelling six weeks of competition.

During the pageant, for the first time in my adult life, I danced in front of so many people in a shopping mall. I also took part in my first ever cooking competition.

Through it all, I'm so thankful for Jedidiah Tan, my husband of nine years who's always there to back me up and support me in every way, possible.

Incidentally, the theme for that competition was about marriage and I was an advocate of strong marriages. I believe that strong marriages are synonymous with strong families and strong families form the fabric of a stronger Singapore.

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Source: Radio DJ won Mrs Singapore Universe and 6 other awards

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