Reverse Aging Process Naturally – Lifestyle Changes For Better Health

What if there really was a way that you could remain youthful, forever?

But what if there were five?

In this post, I talk about five lifestyle changes for better health and how they reverse the aging process naturally.

1. Switch to KETO

If everything you’ve tried so far is not helping you to lose weight, and feel better then why not try Keto?

Keto is super simple. Just cut out carbs and sugar. Increase your good fat intake, that’s it!

⬇️ carbs and sugar lowers your insulin levels – ⬇️ fat storing hormones

⬆️ good fat intake, increases glucagon levels – ⬆️ fat releasing hormones 

And if you wanna break it down to specifics, let’s take 50kg as an example. 

Say your ideal weight is 50kg, then eat 50g of protein a day and three times that of fat – 50g x 3 = 150g of fat/day.

Focus on protein and fat with green leafy vegetables as sides.

Proteins – 50g
Fat – 150g

Within five to ten days, you should be keto-adapted and when you’re in ketosis, consider intermittent fasting for more visible results.

2. Intermittent Fasting (IF)

I fast regularly for spiritual reasons, so fasting isn’t new to me. But it’s interesting to note that it’s a very natural way of life – all animals eat this way.
Notice how your pets refuse food when they’re not feeling well?

Fasting, in principle, is giving your body time to rest from food. So that it has time to repair and regenerate.

A natural process called Autophagy takes place when you’re fasting. 

When you rest from food, your body starts to cleanse, eliminate and rejuvenate itself by destroying all the toxins, viruses and bacteria. It also devours all the damaged cells, making new ones. It’s also a spring clean for your healthy cells so they function optimally.

How to fast? Remember 16:8 – fast for 16 hours, with an 8-hour eating window.

My last meal of the day is before 8pm because most important digestive enzymes are no longer produced after 8pm. Then I let me body rest till noon the next day and that’s when I have my first meal of the day. 

So essentially, I have only two meals per day.

I find Keto and IF very effective for maintaining my ideal weight at 45kg. I don’t even need to exercise, BUT, I’m seriously rethinking this.

3.  High Intensity Exercise

Research shows that exercise is the real way to cleanse your body, helping it to detox.

Exercise puts stress on your body. It causes microscopic muscle tears your body rushes to heal making your muscles stronger than they were before.

Exercise also promotes fat burning and increases your energy levels.

Best part is, high-intensity exercises increases your human growth hormones (HGH) the most! HGH is what keeps us youthful. 

So incorporate repeated sprints, weight training, interval training, circuit training into your daily routine because fact is, exercise is good for you, it keeps you young.

I’m working on it, yes and I’m also a work in progress when it comes to sleeping early.

4. Sleep

Sleep is important because that’s when your body repairs itself and your vital organs go into detox mode.

Research also shows it’s best to be sleeping by 10pm so your body is able to do the vital work of cleaning up the blood and maintaining normal blood pressure. 

Interestingly, around 9pm to 10pm is when the brain releases a natural tranquilliser as a signal for us to go to bed. So when you feel drowsy, don’t fight it, go to bed.

Another big reason for you to sleep early is…

HGH is secreted profusely while you sleep so if you wanna stay younger for longer, definitely consider sleeping by 10pm.

5. Water

The human body is made up of 70 to 80 per cent water. 

But what water are we talking about? We’re talking about pure distilled water. Everything else is filtered out by our eliminative organs. Fact is, all plants contain pure distilled water, distilled by nature. 

So yes, you guessed it! I drink only pure steam distilled water. Recently, I started adding half a teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt to every litre of water. Pink salt is not only the purest form of salt, but it also contains numerous essential trace minerals that help transport water molecules to our cells, hydrating them.

And those are the five lifestyle changes for better health, to reverse the aging process, naturally!

Let me know how you go and share your reverse aging secrets with me too in the comments below!

Meanwhile, have an amazing week! 

Lynette Tan

About lovelynettetan

Lynette Tan is Mrs Singapore Universe 2016 and she believes in being beautiful and healthy, naturally. Her mantra? You're most beautiful, when you're You!


  1. Fitnationplus on March 12, 2019 at 16:18

    Awesome post
    can you tell me how to make
    keto no bake cheesecake

    • lovelynettetan on February 19, 2020 at 15:34

      I haven’t tried that, to be honest. I’ve been busy experimenting with keto tiramisu, haha. But will definitely give it a go and share my findings!

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