Rolling Stones – GRRR!


TRS_GRRRHaving just celebrated their 50th anniversary together, the Rolling Stones are definitely not taking themselves too seriously with their newest album GRRR!

Despite the somewhat tacky title and gorilla sleeve, this 50-track compilation serves up old favorites you’ve grown up with, supplemented by just enough new material to keep you coming back for more.

“Doom and Gloom” one of two new songs, is probably one of Stone’s best. Nasty, funny, sexy and rocking hard – this track shows without a doubt that the old boys have still got it! The other new track, “One More Shot”, which features the trademark Stones sound is probably not as memorable though.

Compared with Forty Licks, Grrr! is probably the better compilation of the two. This collection provides an excellent overview of the Rolling Stones’ monumental career and features some of the best rock & roll ever made.

Of course, it’s easy to name great songs that are missing from this compilation, but the songs that are on the album will surely make up for it.

So I’m giving The Rolling Stones GRRR! A four out of five.

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