Sarah Brightman – Dreamchaser

SB_DreamchaserSarah   Brightman’s   latest   album  Dreamchaser  –  a   collection   of operatic classical-pop covers – is simply spellbinding.

The overall feel of these 11 tracks is mysterious, ethereal, even a little out of this world if I might add. Possibly   inspired   by   her   recent   cosmonaut   training,   the   general sense is – she’s on a flight of fancy to Mars and it’s hard not to follow her on this sonic journey.

While the electronic sounds and oozing strings need a little getting used   to,   Sarah’s   soprano   voice   maintains   a   powerful   presence throughout.

Tracks   like   Angel,   B612   and   Venus   and   Mars   even   evoke imaginations of galactic space adventures and time travel.

Bold as she might be, venturing into the realm of digital sounds.The world of synthesizers just doesn’t make you forget her classical roots and in the end, tracks like Ave Maria and A Song of India connect you subliminally to the good old days of  Cats  and  The Phantom of the Opera.

And way after the hauntingly beautiful music has stopped playing, it continues to ring in your ear.

For this highly experimental sound, I’m giving Sarah Brightman’s Dreamchaser a 3 outta 5

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