The Beatles US Album Sampler

Listening to The Beatles U.S. Albums on a Sunday afternoon with a hot cuppa in one hand and a good book in the other has got to be one of life’s most pleasurable moments.
This must-have collector’s item celebrates 50 years since the young Liverpool band first set foot on American soil in 1964.
So from 1964’s Meet The Beatles to 1970’s Hey Jude, these 13 albums chronicle how the Fab Four woo-ed their American audience.
Apart from several instrumental renditions of their popular tracks like And I Love Her, A Hard Day’s Night and Ringo’s Theme; this box set also contains The Beatles’ Story – a 1964 spoken word recording with band interviews.
Rumour has it that the initial mixes used on the original US albums to give it its unique sound weren’t used for this compilation.
Instead, the 2009 remasters were just reapplied.
In any case, this doesn’t diminish its listening pleasure one bit.
11 of the 13 CDs are presented in mono and stereo mixes and you’ll love the signature soundtracks including In My Life, Please Mister Postman, All My Loving and I Saw Her Standing There.
Beatlemania was originally a British phenomenon, but it has since ripped through America and the rest of the world.
I’m giving this monumental box set The Beatles US Albums a 5 out of 5.

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