The Milky No-Way

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of milk is, in general?

I mean if human mothers breast-fed their babies and, after a while, they are weaned of it, why do humans continue drinking milk throughout their lives?

And you know what’s really weird?

Say if each mammalian species produces their own unique blend ideal for its babies, to ensure that the young of that species grow quickly, then don’t you think there’s something seriously questionable about us drinking cow’s milk from cradle to grave?

Like have you ever seen a kid suckling a cow’s bosom? I meant a baby goat, btw, lol!

So if a baby goat grows healthy on a mother goat’s milk and and a cow’s milk nourishes its calf, why on earth are humans drinking cow’s milk?

Numerous research have concurred that cow’s milk is on the whole found to be the most mucous forming food. It not only causes an excessive build-up of acid in the body but also inflammation. But why are humans still nursing off cows? It’s because they’re afraid that their nails and their teeth will fall out!

I stopped drinking milk in my 20s convinced, after I read Fit for Life book by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, that it’s impossible for me have a calcium deficiency.

Fact is, all green leafy vegetables contain calcium as with fruits, raw nuts and seeds
. And I usually eat a variety of these throughout the day anyway. I still have my full set of teeth, and my nails have never been stronger with no ridges, no cracks nor splits! I used to have to hide behind expensive manicures my dry, brittle nails with dark lines running right down the centre of my thumbnails so I know exactly what I’m talking about!



According to Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, raw sesame seeds contain more calcium than any other food on earth! So get a grinder and fill it with unhulled black sesame seeds (yes, they’re more nutritious) and leave it on your dining table so you can easily add it to your foods whenever and reap the fullest benefits of it! But if sesame seeds are not your thing, other great sources of calcium include all raw nuts, kelp, all leafy greens and even concentrated fruits like figs, dates and prunes.

Right, so milk’s out but what about ice-cream and yogurt? I’m a huge fan of the two, I can tell you that! And yes I can hear those pints of Ben & Jerry’s calling out to me in the still of the night every now and then. LOL!

Thankfully, health pundits say it’s okay to have it once in a while but have it plain (with NO additional toppings especially fruits coz they’ll only ferment and putrefy inside) and on an empty stomach so that it doesn’t cause indigestion, and it leaves your system asap!

Guess the point I’m trying to make is that cow’s milk is simply not designed for human consumption, whatever form it takes. And if it’s already an integral part of your diet, then definitely consider switching to a more healthful option like almond milk. In fact, make your own with the recipe provided in the link above and let me know how that works for you!

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