The Miracle Oil of Oregano

We bumped into our regular GP just the other day and she commented that she hasn’t seen me in a while. “Isn’t that a good thing?”, quipped my honest-to-goodness hubby. LOL!

It IS a good thing that I haven’t needed antibiotics or any other drug like that for more than six months!

Sure, there were times I felt under the weather and was on the verge of catching a nasty cough or cold but nope! Like a miracle, it always turns around! Seriously!

Now, what if I told you that there’s a “miracle medicine” that could keep you from falling sick? This same substance could also cure just about anything from bacterial infections on your skin to reducing the inflammation in your throat, lungs and sinus. This naturally-occurring, safe substance is also a powerful painkiller and one of nature’s most potent antibiotics!


The oil of oregano is not only antiviral, it’s also antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-microbial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.

I applied it to my pimple (yes I still have pimples, can you imagine that! I’m so young, lol!) and it dried up and fell off in two days! I neither picked nor prodded at it!

You could also apply a couple of drops to your skin to prevent the mozzies from attacking you and your children. Or, if you’ve already been bitten, you could also apply it on the insect bites for instant relief!

And if you need relief from a bad throat, just add a few drops of oregano oil into your water bottle and drink it throughout the day to keep that nasty cough at bay! And then drop a few drops of oregano oil just at the back of your throat or under your tongue every other day for maintenance till you feel like you’re back in the pink!

Notice I keep emphasising “a few drops”? That’s because the oil of oregano is a hot oil. Too much of it won’t kill but it can cause a peppery sensation.

I usually carry my hot oregano oil everywhere with me. It’s particularly useful to do so when in crowded places and the people around you cough or sneeze indiscriminately and you get paranoid about the germs infecting you. Again, just drop a few drops of oregano oil under your tongue and you’ll be very well protected from catching those airborne bugs.

Normally, I get my 15ml bottle (approx. 450 drops) from Elixir Botanica because I’m assured that CanPrev’s oil of oregano comes from the Mediterranean mountains and that it’s gone through a rigorous steam distillation process. I get the purest, naturally occurring aromatic oil suspended in a medium chain triglyceride concoction of coconut and palm oil to prevent oxidation.

And when you do decide to pop by the store to get some, let them know that Lynette Tan sent you, so they’ll give you a free demo on how to use this amazing oil. Try it for yourself and be convinced!

Before leaving this discussion about the miracle oil of oregano, I just wanna mention that there’s another oil that I swear by as well – a potent brain food that also helps prevent memory loss. More about that in my next post!

Lynette Tan

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