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Talking about friends…

A friend and ex-colleague of mine was all of 28 when she died. News of her death sent shockwaves through out the secondary school we were both teaching at.

We were all gobsmacked because not only was she beautiful, incredibly talented, and intelligent. She was also very popular amongst students, especially the boys. She hid a tiny tattoo on her ankle well beneath tight-fitting pants, that would “unconsciously” show whenever she got onto her motorbike to ride to or away from the school campus. She was hot!

Word had it that she was taking slimming pills to a point where her liver completely shut down. And along with it, the rest of her body.

Not long after that, another familiar face, a girl I went to school with appeared on the telly.   She too had acute liver failure and was awaiting an immediate liver transplant from her then boyfriend. She thankfully survived the ordeal, but I doubt her life was ever the same again.

But what was most unsettling about these two stories is the fact that neither of them was fat by the world’s standards.

I’m a woman too, and agree with you there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good, feel great and be slim and sexy at the same time. But there’s everything wrong when you’re taking pills and short cuts and hurting or killing yourself in the process, albeit unwittingly.

How about taking some simple and effective steps to cut down the excess weight, naturally, without having to fear the side effects and spend excessive money on dubious supplements or drugs?

I mean, think with me for a moment, if you’re still eating the same amount of food from before you were 18, chances are you WILL surely put on the pounds. After all, fact is that our metabolism generally slows down with age. And besides, what’s causing all that extra weight gain?

I’m telling you, carbs is the culprit. And you really don’t need an expert to tell you that.

Here’s the picture of me again just as a visual reminder of how well carbs-cutting worked for me. If it can work for an ordinary person like me, it can work for you too!


So if you’re not happy with the way you look – the way I was back in 2014 – and you’d like to get back to how you looked when you were younger then I’d suggest the safest, most logical thing to do – cut out the carbs, period.

You may not feel this immediately but overtime, you’ll feel your energy coming back. You’ll find a new spring in your step, a zest for life you never had. You’ll actually turn back the clock on aging (provided you don’t smoke or drink). Best part is, in the long run, you’ll get to spend more quality time with your family and loved ones. So, why not?

Speaking of loved ones, maybe at first they’ll notice that you’re eating differently. But after a while,  they’ll get used to the idea and cutting out carbs is really no big deal. If they do ask, just take it as your chance to educate them about the obvious disadvantages of carbs. Maybe you’ll end up inspiring them to do the same so they’ll lose weight and get healthy too!

Bottom line is, over time, your friends and family will get used to this idea that you are doing all you can to stay healthful and leave you be. In fact, most people will be too engrossed  in their own conversations and too busy filling their own tummies to notice what’s on your plate.

But say you’re already cutting out the carbs from your diet and you’ve  successfully socialised your family and friends to this new natural diet, will you still be allowed to snack when you feel the urge?

The response is a resounding, YES!!! And I’ll talk more about this in my next post, watch this space!

Lynette Tan

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Lynette Tan is Mrs Singapore Universe 2016. She believes in being beautiful and healthy, naturally. Her mantra? You're most beautiful, when you're You!

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