The Truth about Chocolates

I have a renewed interest in chocolates mainly because of a new book that I had just picked up called Smart Fat. When I read that the authors advocated the eating of chocolates, I almost passed out! I’ve always loved chocolates, but I’ve stayed away from them on purpose because I just wasn’t sure!

Chocolates was one of those grey areas for me. You know some people say chocolates are good, they contain lots of antioxidants, while others declare it a prohibited item in their kitchen.

And because I was two minds about it, it wasn’t uncommon to see bars of gourmet, rum and raisin flavoured chocolates in my fridge from time to time. That is until I read the truth about chocolates.

So if you’re in the same dilemma, get this straight once and for all – dark chocolates are good for you! Y-AY!!!

They do indeed contain lots of healthful antioxidants but just how dark have the chocolates got to be before they’re considered healthful?

Ideally, they should contain 80% cacao. But if you’re just learning how to enjoy dark chocolate, I’d say 70% is the sweet spot.

Since starting on my Smart Fat diet about two weeks ago, I’ve progressed from 84% to 92% and now to 99% organic dark chocolate! It’s crazy I know but you know what?

Snacking on a piece dark chocolate never felt better!

I didn’t feel hungry for a long, long time. It was as if the bitter taste of the dark chocolate quelled all the hunger pangs that I had, if any at all (I really don’t remember having any food cravings, zilch, nada!).

So if you’re looking for something to munch on at the office, minus the guilt, then I’d say snack on a piece of dark dark chocolate! Winks!

Lynette Tan


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