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Hey, welcome to the Gold Afternoon Show
It’s Lynette with you on this Tuesday
And as promised, we’re gonna check out Facebook’s local office here on Cecil Street
where meeting rooms have interesting names and staff get all kinds of snacks and even free wine.
I’m not too sure about the wine part but hey…I wanna go see what this office is all about
So we’ll do just that, in just a bit
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I don’t know if you’ve heard news of us moving to Mediapolis somewhere near Buona Vista in 2015.
Anyway, there’s been a lot of talk about the new offices we’re gonna have
and how we’re gonna be hot-desking and sharing work spaces, working in the sky garden and all of that
so I thought we’ll spend some time looking at cool offices
And since we talked about Facebook celebrating their 10th birthday earlier this month,
I thought it’ll be cool to check out their Singapore office at Cecil Street


For starters, the meeting rooms in the Singapore office have very interesting names like ‘Goa Head Make My Day’ and ‘Big Doug and Little Doug’ and employees get all kinds of snacks.
When I saw the picture, it kinda reminded me of a convenience store but no, it’s their pantry.
And they have everything literally, from beer to ice-cream and it’s free for all employees…woah!
But they don’t eat all day of course, they work too and they have very cosy work spaces
We’ll take a closer look at them in just a bit


Talking about working spaces, now if you get tired of sitting at your desk, you could actually find yourself a nice cosy corner indoors or outdoors, where you can get some sun. The whole point of having this flexibility is so staff can feel at home in thee office. So there’s a game room, if you need a break, more workstations and even knitting rooms.
Can you imagine that? And this is my favourite part, if you need office stationery, there’s this vending machine where you can tap your staff pass and the pen or glue stick you’re after will be dispensed. How cool is that? Maybe we could adopt some of these cool features in our new office building as well?
Huh Boss, what do you think? Hint hint…haha!
Anyway, in a bit, more about Facebook’s latest blog post
For now, it’s back to the music, stay tuned.


Apparently, facebook is so smart that it even knows when you fall in love.
If you’re like me, very married
then maybe this info is not very useful for you
but what if I told you that Facebook could tell if your son or your daughter is in love or in a relationship and with which person
So, I’ll come back and tell you what Facebook data scientist recommend you look out for
Stick around…


Ok so you’ve asked your son to fess up but he maintains that he doesn’t have a girlfriend
But you see him sharing posts quite often with this particular girl
And you’re starting to wonder if he’s telling the truth
Well according to Facebook’s most recent blog post, data scientists say when 2 people enter a period of courtship, their timeline posts usually increase
And that’s ok, that’s normal
No need to panic just yet at this point
In fact the more posts you see the better
Because only after the couple makes it official, their posts on each other’s wall decreases

Now if you have a teenager whose FB behavior is starting to look like that
This… is where you enter panic city
because they’re moving away from online interactions to probably spending more time together
But if they’re of marriageable age, then woo-hoo you know!

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