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It’s exactly a week leading up to the Grand Opening of Yakson Singapore and I’m lying here on one of their beds, in one of their many cosy rooms waiting for Jessica – my personal professional therapist who’s is going to apply her “healing hands” on me, I can’t wait!

I mean, who doesn’t want a slimmer, smaller face right?

With no downtime, no surgery, no painful injections nor artificial inserts, Jessica will (with her bare hands) attempt to stretch my facial skin, muscles, sinews, tissues, veins, and bones! Yes, bones!

Gulp! (But still, you know I’m always game to try to new things, winks!)

When she noticed that I had dry skin, she intuitively gave me the most invigorating and energising facial massage ever! I actually felt years younger after that.

Then the real massage began…

The Original Golki Therapy massage from Korea is nothing like I’ve ever experienced in my entire existence! The therapist was very skilled, and extremely experienced! A native Korean who’d spent many months  – before coming over – rigorously perfecting the art of manually stimulating living bones. It was only her fourth day in Singapore but she spoke enough English to carry a very decent and pleasant conversation with me.

I can’t even begin to describe how the session went (you have to try it to know!)

All I can say is, after about 90mins, when Jessica suggested that I cradle my face with my palms, “Omigosh!!! My face really did feel different! I swear!”

How do I know? Am I sure?

You see, I have an almost perfect heart-shaped face with super wide cheekbones. I don’t even have to touch them to know they’re there! LOL! They restrict and obstruct my expensive eyewear ever so often, especially so when I smile, so yup! Surely, I could tell the difference!

My face was rounder somewhat and I didn’t look as fierce as I did before. It was like the rough edges were all smoothened out, if that makes sense.

I looked kinder, definitely!

A quick chat with the manager Nicole afterwards revealed that new customers would have to wait up to two months before they can start on their package! They are wildly popular!

She also recommended at least one to two sessions per week to see lasting results – a smaller face is guaranteed after just 20 sessions!

So if you do decide to take that bold step and try this out, remember to have a small bite before heading over cuz it’s best you don’t eat anything two hours after – same principle as with not eating anything right after a rigorous exercise regime for fear of gaining too much weight too fast.

I’ll be hosting the Grand Opening of Yakson Singapore on 1 Nov 2016 at #05-12A Wheelock Place. So if you’re gonna be there, come and say hi! Or catch me ‘live’ at facebook.com/lovelynettetan

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